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New Energy Vehicle

1. Adopt Li-ion battery cell, green environmental protection 2. More compact and exquisite, easy to store 3. Multiple protection system to ensure your safety 4. Smart nixie tube display, easy to know the remaining capacity 5. Smart sound alerts, easy to know the driving status

Hair Removal

1. Physical methods of hair removal, the use of natural visible light, there is no damage to the skin 2. Quartz tube, life over 10 million times 3. With a rechargeable lithium battery, safety and environmental protection, easy to carry 4. Digital charge, convenient and easy

『 KAMERA 』Rechargeable Ni-Mh AA Low Self-Discharge 2200mAh 4-Pack

1.          Comprehensive IC circles protection to ensure the quality and safety used. 2.          Japanese import cell 3.          Low self-discharge ever afte

About Us

KAMERA is one of the leading innovative multimedia accessories corporations in Taiwan. From design, production to marketing and OEM, services are available across all media. Product lines, such as video imaging, computers, mobile phones, the Internet, audio and video, etc. We are bringing new generation of digital technology into the future. The revolutionary technology also advances KAMERA to become top leader in multimedia accessories industry from Taiwan.