『 KAMERA 』Rechargeable Ni-Mh AA Low Self-Discharge 2200mAh 4-Pack

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Ni-Mh AA Low Self-Discharge
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    Rechargeable Ni-Mh AA Battery

    Key Features

    1.          Comprehensive IC circles protection to ensure the quality and safety used.

    2.          Japanese import cell

    3.          Low self-discharge ever after one year of storage they hold 80% of their charge (After fully charged and stored  at room temperature 68F or 20C)

    4.          Economical and environmentally friendly recharge up to 1000 times

    5.          Can be used in electronics products

    6.          Ideal for every application (Flash light, Digital Camera, Wireless mouse, MP3/CD Player, Razor, PDA/GPS, Remote Controls, Clock Radios, etc.

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    Small Order Recommendation

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    USD 40.96-40.96
    Kamera SP-5U 5 USB ouput charger
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    Kamera SP-4U 4 USB ouput charger
    USD 21.63-21.63
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    USD 15.00-15.00
    Kamera SP-66 6 USB ouput charger
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